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Operating Engineer Training

An Operating Engineer is a skilled worker who operates and maintains the equipment in a power plant. A power plant may include boilers, steam turbines, electric generators, motors, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, control systems, water treatment and fuel handling facilities, emergency standby equipment and environmental protection equipment. It is the duty of the operating engineer to monitor and maintain this equipment and assume full responsibility of the plant.

Operating Engineers can expect to have year-round employment. In many plants, Operating Engineers can expect to work eight or twelve hours per day, in rotating shifts, on weekdays, weekends and holidays with days off on a rotating schedule.

IBA Industrial Training, a Private Vocational School will deliver the theory portion of all of the Operating Engineer Courses and provide qualifying practical plant experience for the Fourth Class Operating Engineer Certificates of Qualification. We offer Operating Engineer Training from Fourth to First class in a professional environment with the right mix of hands-on and classroom training. If you are interested, feel free to ask for the online brochure.